Nurses can I ask you some questions?

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Nurses can I ask you some questions?

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How much are they paying you that u don't want to further your study?
Where have you reach that you didn't plan to go further?
Where are you working that u didn't believe better opportunity can come anytime?

Nurses, its time to sit down and think.

I have seen so many nurses working in both private and government settings with just RN. Some have worked for 5,10,15 years yet no plan to obtain a degree. Then when they see young nurses with degree they become envious and talk bad about them. So also I have seen those ones with BNSC and they think they have arrived, not knowing that its just the stepping Stone. Masters holders too who didn't see the great vision ahead of them but tends to stop at that level.

Why do we tends to be stagnant?

Are we comfortable with being oppressed?
Its time to move forward like the Israelite. Every red sea must part way and every Egyptians must be conquered.
If you find yourself in this categories, its time you have a re think and start planning to go back to school.

Pls dont be deceived, No one is old enough to go to school.
Student Nurses and junior nurses should strive to go further and farther. Don't allow the curse on stagnancy to come to pass in your life.
Oya let's strive for greatness

Its the best solution for the problems facing Nursing profession.

From Nurse Ilelaboye.
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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