What is nurses don't do this and that?

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What is nurses don't do this and that?

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What's all these?
Nurses don't wear earrings.
Nurses don't wear makeup.
Nurses don't fix attachment.
Nurses don't do dreadlocks.
Nurses don't wear perfume.

What is nurses don't do this and that?
I learnt some schools of nursing in this 21st century still restricts their students from wearing braids or wigs, it must be your natural hair, fixed like simbi goes to school ,you remember her right?

Now i'm just imagining how those female nursing students with bad natural hair, you know how bad some natural hair trimmed or untrimmed can look right? How do those girls really cope and look ?

I learnt some Nurse superintendents still restricts their junior nurses from wearing makeup to work , whether your religion/ denomination permits or not.

I learnt some Nurse superintendents still ask junior nurses to clean off their lipsticks if any, on resumption at work.


Our code of conduct only emphasized bogus,dangling ,long and high which points at extreme or excessive, it didn't say , don't wear.

The code of conduct says,
"The nurse must always appear neat and decently dressed, without using bogus/dangling earrings, long and big wigs (all hair do must not extend below the neck level), high heeled shoes, long painted nails and bogus make up while on duty and in uniform.

Modesty should be encouraged, crazy looking hairstyles aren't great for any professional be it a banker,lawyer or doctor.

Seductive uniforms and clothes, revealing private parts aren't great choice for all professionals.

Convenience is paramount, a nurse wearing long nails will hurt patients with it during physical examination and procedures. We all know dangling earrings can be inconveniencing if you have to move and bend your head here and there ,trying to fix things up in your shift, an angry patient can drag your dangling earring and hurt you.

So you see, modesty and convenience is it.

Prior to the foundation of modern nursing in the 19th century, nuns provided nursing care to sick and injured people. So the first nurse uniforms were derived from the nun’s habit and looks, Nuns are like Reverend sisters of today, those people are religious and dressed according to their religious order of how a nun should dress even though they were nurses , No dying of hair or wearing a wig, even under a veil, no wearing earrings and other jewelry, no penciled in eyebrows, earrings, and painted nails.

It is believed that , those appearances is for people in the world, not for people in religious orders, who have a different calling.

They also referred to themselves as "SISTER" or "NURSING SISTER" . That even today, modern nurses still refer to themselves as sisters " no we are not sisters, we are Nurses.

The professional title is "Nurse" not sister.

Doctors stop calling nurses who aren't Reverend sisters ," sisters ", we are not your sister as work too.

Med lab scientist,pharmacist, all of you and even patients and relatives should stop calling us sisters. We are not sisters, we are Nurses.

Now back to dressing,

Florence Nightingale’s efforts during the Crimean War helped turn nursing into a respected occupation, and in the late 1800s, she established a nursing school. Thereafter, the nurse’s uniform began to look more professional in order to distinguish trained nurses from those who were not.

From the 1880s until World War I, it is said that the uniform changed very little. Not only designed for protection against illness, it was also considered an expression of feminine virtue.

Records has it that , during World War I, it became clear that the former styles of nursing uniforms were no longer practical. As the war brought in a vast number of wounded patients, so nurses needed to be fast and efficient. The bulky aprons like that you see Reverend sisters wearing, started to disappear and skirts were shortened for better mobility with badges sewn on them to denote rank.

As the popularity of the nursing profession grew, uniforms would continue to change whether you like it or not.

Open-neck shirts and pants surfaced in the 1960s as more men entered the nursing profession.

Eventually, uniforms would become even less complex ,more comfortable and smart.

In the 1990s, the traditional nurse uniform has been replaced with scrubs in most hospitals and healthcare facilities in the U.S. and Europe and all the rules guiding how those nuns used to look in the 19th century are fading away, All of that didn't contribute anything to our image, it didn't uplift the social status and integrity of Nurses. Rather made Nurses look like glorified housemaids and doctors subservients.

Look good and be the best nurse ever.

Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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