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Lots of people know that doctors pull all sorts of long hours, but not everyone appreciates that nurses are on the front lines right there alongside them.

In fact, nurses generally work 8- 12-hour shifts, several days a week. That means they’re on call for literally 12 hours straight in most facilities.

Lots of nurses, especially those working in an intensive care unit or the ER, can expect to be rushing around for just about every minute of the shift, with no down time at all.

Nurses Keep Things Running Smoothly,
People think that all nurses do is take blood pressure and place IV lines.

What they may not realize is that nurses are logistical masterminds responsible for keeping the whole operation (sometime literally!) running smoothly.

Whether it’s the waiting room of a busy pediatrician’s office, or the ER(Emergency Room) at 1 a.m . On a Saturday, nurses are the ones marshaling the troops, organizing the flow of patients, and keeping everyone calm in the wards .

Nurses Have An Incredible Bedside Manner/tolerance . If you have ever stayed with your old grannys on admission, your sick relatives-inlaw, you will understand the tolerance of being a bedside nurse .

Part of the reason that nurses are able to keep things running so smoothly? They have an excellent bedside manner to take alot.

If you have the privilege to know a nurse personally, then you know that they are empathetic people with kind, warm, and generous spirits, some nurses even provide meal for patients with their funds just to get things moving, bought drugs pending the arrival of relatives , nurses are truly kind.

While nurses get frustrated just like anyone else, they have an incredible talent for keeping cool under pressure, and remaining attentive and caring even at the most stressful moments.

Mind you Nurses Are Tough As Nails

Of course, don’t make the mistake of thinking that nurses are fragile just because they’re kind. Nurses have seen things that would make your skin crawl.

In fact, nurses see horrifying things on just about a daily basis, and it doesn’t phase them.

Nurses are simply tough cookies, capable of dealing with any disaster that comes their way, whether it’s a raging, contagious fever or a disastrous accident.

But don't forget that we are Still Sensitive Under The Surface too.
Most people don’t have to deal with the thin line between life and death very often.

Nurses, on the other hand, are often doing battle over that line every single day.

A lot of the time, they win. Inevitably, however, many nurses have to deal with death regularly we still win after all because we are committed to ensuring a peaceful death where death is inevitable.

We are strong and put on a brave face for the patients, but just about every nurse still has the occasional loss that really gets to them, even years later.

They hide that pain well, but the truth is, nurses have to shoulder that emotional burden a whole lot more than other people.

yes of course, at the end of the day, all of this compassion, bravery, and ability to look ugly truths in the face add up to one conclusion: Nurses are true heroes.

We’re talking about people who put on their armor every day, and do everything they can to bring comfort and health to the patients they care for.

Nurses save lives, all day, and all over the country.

Every chart they read, drip they administer, and quiet bedside chat they have is a helping hand, reaching up to pull someone to safety.

If that isn’t worth our gratitude this week, then I don’t know what is!

I'm a nurse...shout it ! I save lives beyond the bedside.

Written by Nurse Ofejiro Praise Urhefe
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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