Brainstorming Nursing Challenges in Nigeria - Olufemi

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Brainstorming Nursing Challenges in Nigeria - Olufemi

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Where are the approved institutions to study nursing in Nigeria?

How many students can they take per session?

How many nurses out there are hustling to transform to the next level of becoming a graduate nurse, i.e have their BSc?

What efforts are the recognised institutions making to accommodate them?

Did nursing Originate from Nigeria?

How many years does it take a graduate of school of nursing to get a degree in this countries where nursing originally comes from?

Does getting a degree by the transforming nurses lowers the standard of nursing?.

Can there be tendencies for some or majority to make it to the top as great scholars?

Can anyone list out the number of schools where they offer BSc for less than two years in Africa?. (Be sure of your answers to avoid litigation)

Has any other health professionals or recognised profession experienced transformation like this in Nigeria? How did they go about it. Where are they today?

Who has the right over acceptance, standardisation, and quantification of academic certificates in Nigeria?

Have you ever ruminate on the impact your comments, actions and in action, plus how it can affect nursing practice and nurses in Nigeria?

Are nurses happy to spend their money on what should have cost them lesser expenditure ? Is this costly transformation necessary?, what will happen if nurses refuse to find a way of getting the needed BSc?, Will the few BSc holders bring the needed development and recognition?. What do we have to loose if we unitedly fight our course? --_What do we stand to gain if we remain like this?

When things like this happen, what should members of the profession do?

Are you happy with the standard of the nursing graduates from both university and school of nursing? How will you rate nurses and their level of unity, intelligence, cooperation, love and ability to fight a common course? Do nurses talk carelessly about themselves and their profession?. What is the cost of carelessness and careless talk?

I have more questions to ask but, I would like to pause now and ask this:

In another five years what do you think of nursing profession?. Before you crucify your colleagues for seeking ways of enhancing themselves in order to fix into the transformation agenda of moving majority of nurses to degree holders, pls answer these questions sincerely. It will help all of us as nurses. Probably we will be able to understand a little about what we are going through, Control our thought , words and action.

By Olufemi Iseyemi Folakemi
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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