Tips on New Zealand Nursing Registration Pathway.

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Tips on New Zealand Nursing Registration Pathway.

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BNSc is required.

IELTS 7 in each component and you are allowed to combine if the tests are taken within 12 months, OET is also accepted with a score of 350, combination is also accepted. These two basic requirements are the first thing that makes you eligible for registration.

First Stage: The Nursing Council New Zealand (NCNZ) process is in three stages, firstly CGFNs credential evaluation(you need 5 documents for this, Nigeria nursing council verification, criminal check, photo ID like passport, employment reference and your ( IELTS/OET)

Second stage - they will send the report to NCNZ directly and the NCNZ will issue you a decision letter to apply for CAP - Competency Assessment Program. The decision letter usually comes with a list of accredited CAP provider and their tuition fee ranges from 6000-10000 nzd which has to be fully paid.

Third Stage: After you have gotten a CAP placement and you have paid, you need the school receipt , decision letter and your bank account statement that will show that you can pay for your flight and support yourself financially during your CAP.

Please note that you will not be paid during your CAP and you are not allowed to work in any capacity until you are fully registered and you will be on a visitor visa for that 3 months. After your CAP you will write a mini exam and your CAP provider will submit your application for your licence.

Fourth Stage: As soon as your licence comes usually within 2-3 weeks you can get a job and convert your visa to a work visa. This allows you to bring in your family and immediately you get a work visa you are eligible for residents permit as a skilled migrant. nurses are given priority and you will get it faster than other non health professionals.

Important Notes:

NZ does not have an embassy in Nigeria but you can get your visa via south Africa. No stress, the courier will pick up your passport from your home drop it off in SA and they will call to inform you when the visa is ready and courier will return it back to you. When you are applying for your family, you can do it online for them since you are already in NZ.

Also, there are no agents to sponsor you in NZ the only agents available are Asians but you have to pay them but it doesn't worth it, the processing is easy and very transparent you can save that money for your upkeep or part of your CAP fee.

CAP classroom lecture is only for 2 weeks of basic nursing procedures like vital signs and few pharmacology calculations, it's a time for you to shine because I know Nigerian nurses are intelligent.

Tips On Australia Nursing Registration Pathway:

For now NZ route is the cheapest and easiest way to get in to Australia registration pathway through their trans Tasman agreement. With your NZ licence no exams required, you only need to pay a token to get your Australia registration.

If you have post basic nursing please do not apply for registration with it only apply for RN registration, the speciality experience will help you get a job in that field and from there you can study to get their own post graduate certificate if you wish. And if you're already registered in an English speaking country and wants to relocate to NZ, you can get a waiver for English proficiency but other processing remains same

On a lighter note, the money you spent migrating to New Zealand or Australia is worthwhile, because at the end of the day your kids can enjoy free education and free health.

For further enquiries, kindly drop your questions in the comment and i will be glad to provide you with good responses. You can as well subscribe to the blog in order to receive an alert for a new info.

The best wishes.

Ajiteru E.A RN(NIG, NZ, AUST) RM, RPHN, BNSc, MSc (UK)
Nigerian Nurses lighting up the world one candle at a time.

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