10 Quick Points to Note about RhoGAM

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10 Quick Points to Note about RhoGAM

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1. Please note, RhoGAM, which is a solution of antibodies, given to pregnant women who are Rhesus negative and at risk of having eventful outcome during pregnancy. This drug should be administered to the pregnant woman, who is confirmed rhesus negative at least one dose between 26 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.

2. At delivery, if the baby is confirmed to be Rh-positive at birth, then the woman will receive an additional dose within 72 hours after delivery.

3. Please, note, RhoGAM will also be administered to a rhesus negative woman who had abdominal trauma, obstetrical manipulation or an invasive procedure (such as amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling or percutaneous umbilical blood sampling), maternal or fetal bleeding during pregnancy or an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in which the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus).

4. It is also advised that RhoGAM should also be considered after a threated pregnancy loss or pregnancy termination.

5. Please note, the dose and dosing schedule will be determined by your doctor, based on your need.

6. Be informed that you will receive is RhoGAM because you are Rh-negative and during pregnancy, there might be a small amount of the baby’s blood that might enter your bloodstream.

7. Normally, when the baby’s blood, which is positive enters your blood, which is negative, there will be a blood type mismatch and this might lead to some unwanted outcome

8. This mismatch is called Rh-incompatibility, and your immune system will see the baby’s red blood cells as “foreign” and stranger and will subsequently produce antibodies that try to eliminate them.

9. RhoGAM is PROTECTIVE, and if given at the right time will prevent this unwanted immune system reaction.

10. RhoGAM is made from human blood

Thank you
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